2 x 50 - count Periodontal dispenser packages
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2 x 50 - count Periodontal dispenser packages

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Designed to be a daily cleaning device with an extra- thick soft yarn proxy brush and threader, all-in-one, pre-cut strand. The extra-thick size proxy brush section accommodates gum care issues ranging from moderate to severe gum recession. What is different about ProxySoft Periodontal Floss is that it also has a floss section to clean below an inflamed gumline.  Also great for cleaning all dental appliances such as bridges, implants and braces.  For regular flossing or care of mild gum disease try ProxySoft 3-in-1 Floss, which has a regular size proxy brush thickness. ProxySoft Bridge and Implant Cleaners are sold in 30 count dispenser packages.

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